New exciting stuff!!!

I know I don’t blog overly much (hardly at all!) but that’s because I only write when I actually have something to say.  Guess what?  I have crazy exciting news! I am currently deep in a new project involving the ever popular Original Slug Kitty and her myriad friends in the form of a delightful […]

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Remiss Redux

So here are two examples of what I have been up to.  On the left is the second commission from Minnesota-Wisconsin Collie Rescue for a holiday card, which I LOVE to  do!  It’s so much fun to create (they give me free reign on content) and mom’s MWCR rescue Serenity loves to pose for me. […]

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Serenity Ginger Bash Update

Dear MWCR, I have been at my forever home for almost a whole year.  At first I was very timid and hardly ever made a sound.  I’m over that.  I went to obedience class with my little sister, Fauna, a cocker spaniel, and we got treats and praise for learning words and doing what we […]

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Hallowe’en part II

Ok, so I need to apologize for the delay getting this written.  No reason except I’ve been very busy! The party was fantastic.  Here is some of the artwork I did for it: Yes, that’s “Cooger & Dark” as in Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, which provided bountiful inspiration and is a captivating […]

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End of season blues…

What a crazy weekend!  We got a VERY late start out Friday night and the skies opened up just as we reached Plymouth- that’s only half an hour from our house!  After less than anticipated sales at Penrod, we were pretty disheartened.  It seemed Mother Nature was trying to tell us not to bother hauling […]

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